Financial reporting

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Amos Excavating Inc. is purchasing a bulldozer. The equipment has a price of $104,000. The manufacturer has offered a payment plan that would allow Amos to make12 equal annual payments of $14,524, with the first payment due one year after the purchase.
(a) How much total interest will Amos pay on this payment plan? (Round answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. $458,581.)

Total interest $

(b) Amos could borrow $104,000from its bank to finance the purchase at an annual rate of 8%. Should Amos borrow from the bank or use the manufacturer’s payment plan to pay for the equipment?

Use Manufacturer’s Payment PlanBorrow from the Bank


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a) briefly explain four underlying assumptions of consumer theory. b) suppose a consumer’s income is used on two goods, X and Y. The consumer’s income is $200 and the prices of X AND y are $10 and $5 respectively. (i ) Derive and draw the consumer’s budget line. (ii) illustrate and explain what happens to the line when the consumer’s income doubles to $400. (iii) illustrate and explain what happens to the budget line when the price of goods Y is doubled. (iv) using the budget line in (i) above illustrate and explain how consumer equilibrium which maximizesss u

Vapor-liquid equilibrium data in mole fractions for the system a

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Vapor-liquid equilibrium data in mole fractions for the system acetone-air-water at 1 atm (101.3 Pa) are as follows:

(a) Plot the data as (1) a graph of moles acetone per mole air versus moles acetone per mole water, (2) partial pressure of acetone versus g acetone per g water, and (3) y versus x.
(b) If 20 moles of gas containing 0.015 mole fraction acetone is brought into contact with 15 moles of water in an equilibrium stage, what would be the composition of the discharge streams? Solve graphically. For both parts, neglect partitioning of water andair.

Intl Business Emerging Markets

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I would like to thank you for the revised project you kindly sent me.


A- I revised it and found the following:

1) there are still some paragraphs did not change and they are still marked as submitted papers of other students (plagiarism ) I kept them lighted in grey color for you kind change.


B- Here; I am writing to you to start phase two of the project, I will send you the same written project with some adjustments I made.


C- My instructor feedback of the sent Week 5 Project Proposal: (Very Important)

“Good detail provided for understanding the company. Some of this discussion should have been saved for the project itself, however, rather than being used in the proposal. Where the focus is intended to be more on describing the task, and explaining how this will be done. Within your work the tasks are appreciated, but could be more detailed. For example, in relation to the different objectives, e.g., assessing progress made in the market, environmental analysis, reviewing market entry strategy, etc. What information sources are to be used and what concepts & techniques are to be utilised.__ So at the end of the proposal I could see the thread between the tasks, where the information is to come from, and what tools & concepts are to be used.”

D- This week question is:

– Prepare an annotated outline of your Final Project indicating the content you plan to include in each section of the report and the concepts and techniques you plan to apply for analyzing any data and developing your argument.

– Apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems.

– Use diverse sources of information based on original analysis rather than summarise or rehash existing work.

– Continue the use of the same example you provided (Shell in India).
Your task for Week 7 is to hand in the outline of your Project Report and begin revisions as soon as you receive feedback from your Instructor. It should include:

1) An assessment of the progress made by the organisation in establishing itself in one target country or regional market from first planning its entry strategy until now.

2) An analysis of the cultural, political, and legal environments of the emerging market concerned.

3) An evaluation of the organisation’s strategies: first for international entry, then for organising and structuring its global operations, and finally for maintaining competitive advantage in the face of new challenges and changing conditions.

4) Reasoned and evidence-based conclusions about the level of success achieved by the organisation in seizing the opportunities and overcoming the problems for expanding its international business in the chosen market.

E- Please use Harvard referencing system

F- Dead line Sunday afternoon (GMT)

G- Use “Shenkar, O. & Luo, Y. (2008). International business. 2nd Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications” as one of the main references. Recommended chapters are (10 -11- 12- 13) pages from 275 to page 749.

H- Attached is the project proposal written by your respected team.

Strategic Management

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Do the following analysis on “Build A Bear” company (2 pages, double space). In addition, do a 2-slide power point based on the result.

The identification of the firm’s strategy as well as the strategies of its competitors (analyses of three generic strategies, types of diversification)</o:p>

A set of strategic recommendations for the focal firm based on your analysis (BCG Portfolio Matrix, acquisitions, joint ventures, or divestitures)</o:p>

In addition, make a 2-slides power point based on the result.