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CIS8010_Infiormation System Project management
Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
Assignment 5 (Written Report) 100 35% See the study schedule
This written assignment is to be electronically submitted through the EASE system in
the CIS8010 Study Desk. Hardcopy or email submission will NOT be accepted and
acknowledged. (You MUST use a plagiarism application and provide evidence to ensure
that the part is plagiarism-free)
This assignment is continuing from the (previous) assignment 3 and your task is to
write a report to the CIO on the following aspects.
Following on from the previous assignment, the CIO was comfortable with what has
been proposed by you (in the first assignment) and would like to see three key
elements be investigated and reported further in this assignment.
1. A comprehensive implementation plan of the cutting edge wireless technology infrastructure
for the organization, highlighting potential risks and how these risks can be mitigated. This is a
simple report, fully researched and developed with supporting arguments sourced from
credible journals. This component should be validated through a plagiarism software and
evidence that this has been done should be provided.
2. An implementation plan detailing time, cost and resource schedules. This is a project
management document and you must fully demonstrate your skills in presenting a project
management plan.
3. A document on various assumptions made and justifications for such assumptions. If you have
introduced any slack, you must provide details on the same.
These three key elements have to be packaged into a single PDF file and submitted via the EASE system.
Other Report Submission Requirements:
For this assignment, you MUST use a plagiarism application to ensure that this assignment is
plagiarism-free. Please note that the report generation can take time through TURNITIN and
you are asked to submit your assignment through TURNITIN well in advance to avoid last
minute delays.
1. Remember state your assumptions clearly prior to developing the above documents and
your modeling.
2. Only PDF format of the final report is to be submitted through EASE system only
available through UConnect. (All other mode of submissions are inadequate and the
assignment will be considered not submitted)
Provisional Marking criteria for the assignment
Marking criteria
1 Title page, executive summary, table of contents and
overall presentation
Marker Feedback :
2 Quality of implementation plan report including supporting argument,
cohesiveness and risk identification and mitigation
Marker Feedback :
3 Project Management Plan including time, cost and resource
Marker Feedback :

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Quality and appropriateness of assumptions and justifications
Marker Feedback :
5 Quality and appropriateness of overall report including presentation
Marker Feedback :
8 Quality and relevance of Conclusion(s)
Marker Feedback :
Total 100
Marks can be deducted for the following errors:
1 Problems with format and structure of report
2 Lack of referencing (Harvard referencing format is the acceptable standard)
3 Spelling, grammar and expression error
4 Indication of plagiarism/collusion
5 Inappropriate use of in-text references
6 Late Submission as per USQ/FBL policies and procedures
a. If students submit assignments after the due date without prior approval of the examiner,
then a penalty of 5% of the total marks gained by the student for the assignment may apply
for each day late up to ten days at which time a mark of zero may be recorded. The
assignments and their due dates are listed in the study schedule to give you some
forewarning so that you may organize your study program.
7 TURNITIN report NOT submitted
8 Normally, it is hard to put the percentage number correctly as it all depends on the actual report
contents produced by the TRUNITIN application. As a general rule, less than 15% is acceptable. It
is the student’s responsibility to have the report ready before the due date.
9 Your assignment should adhere to the Harvard referencing style. Refer to Chapter 2:
Referencing in the Communication skills handbook 3ed by Summers and Smith for guidance on
how you should cite your references following this style.
10 FILE NAME of the submitted document (Student who did not follow the required file naming).
For all assessment items digital file naming convention. Please use the following naming
convention when saving your digital document:
Student last name_assignment #_CIS8010_Student USQ ID
a. For example, the first assignment for CIS8010 submitted by John Smith, student #
005890420163. If I (Mr. John Smith) were uploading this assessment item, the file would be
named as follows:

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