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Prepare a research paper that explores a psychological diagnosis related to children. Topics should be selected from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR). The research paper should discuss:

a. Possible causes of the disorder (include neurological information if applicable)

b. Prevalence
c. Differentiating criteria
d. Progression of the disorder
e. Developmental and cultural considerations
f.  Assessment process
g. Treatment considerations (included school based recommendations and referrals)


Your research paper should include the following headings: (a) Causes, (b) Prevalence, (c) Differentiating Criteria, (d) Progression of the Disorder, (e) Developmental and cultural considerations, (f) Assessment Process and (g) Treatment Considerations. You will note that these headings are aligned with each of the required discussion items above.

include a title page and at least six bibliographic references from peer-reviewed/refereed journals, in addition to the course texts. References from general websites (e.g. WebMD, Wikipedia and the like) are not acceptable references and should be avoided.

In addition to the title page your paper should include a reference page, both in correct APA format. References should be cited throughout your paper in correct APA format. The APA manual (6th edition) and APA website can be consulted for assistance. If you are not familiar with APA or have questions, please contact the course instructor ASAP.


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