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    Complete the survey, Choosing Your Research Method, by Simon and Goes……..

    Complete the survey, Choosing Your Research Method, by Simon and Goes.

    *Based on your results, write a 350 to 700 word essay summarizing the type of researcher you are.

    Include the following in your summary:

    * An overview of your results

    * An outline of the methods that appeal to this archetype

    * Your thoughts on the validity of this survey

    * What you learned about research methods to guide your own research

    * Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines.

    * Greg….like I told you before….I am re-taking this course….I cannot make under 80%….and I will be providing you with the coursework of the last Tutor’s assignments…and the Professor’s comments….I have another Professor, and hopefully she is not as hard as the last…but….I MUST pass this course….No Exceptions!……Please provide Original, Plagiarism Free work….Please provide In-text Citations with page numbers, and Complete References. This is a Doctoral Level Assignment…NO corners can be cut…Please READ and FOLLOW each detail statement of the assignment….Please USE the ATTACHMENT to complete the assignment on the information provided….Please understand the WORD COUNT is not as important as the QUALITY of the work….The ATTACHED ASSIGNMENTS should be used to complete the assignment…..and should have the details implemented according to the above instructions….



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