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    While working in the business office of a primary care medical facility, you come across records showing that one of your daughter’s grade-school teachers has been prescribed anti-psychotic medication for the control of schizophrenia. Although you have been told to respect patient confidentiality in the workplace, you fear the potential harm such a person could cause in a position of authority over children. Develop your position on this ethical issue. What would you do?

    Write a paper addressing this topic, supporting your position with credible research. You may begin your research with the Suggested Resources for this unit, but you are also expected to conduct your own independent research into the scholarly and professional resources of the field. The Capella library is recommended as a source for reliable materials.

    In explaining your position, address each of the following questions:

    What features of the situation are relevant for making a moral decision?
    What would a deontologist like Immanuel Kant recommend?
    What would a consequentialist like John Stuart Mill recommend?
    How do you justify your own decision about what to do?

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