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Type of paperArgumentative Essay


Number of pages2

Writer levelUniversity

Format of citationMLA

Number of cited resources10

write and argumentative research paper

Instructions for Researched Argument Outline


There are three (3) sections to this assignment.  Sections one (1) and two (2) may be on the same page.


  1. Your thesis statement for the argument.

Example:  Although it may seem to be fitting or just, capital punishment should be abolished because it does not deter crime, it is more costly than imprisonment, it is unevenly applied, and it can be psychologically harmful to those participating in some way as executioners.


  1. The reasons for your position on the subject or the points you wish to make and both the evidence and source you intend to use to support each of those points. The reason/point itself should be a complete sentence; supporting evidence and source may be formatted as bullet points.


Reason: Capital punishment does not deter crime.

  • Statistics on capital crime rate in states when in effect (see state crime statistics)
  • Statistics on capital crime rate in same states when abolished (see state crime reports)
  • Comparative murder statistics in death-penalty/non-death penalty states (see Death Penalty Information Center on-line)


  1. Alphabetized and formatted in the same way as an MLA Works Cited page, a list of at least ten (ten) sources that could be used in your argument. Two or more of those sources must be from an academic or professional journal.  Dictionaries, Wikipedia, religious texts*, or encyclopedias may not be used as one of the required sources.


Due date: Thursday, October 8, 2015.


* unless you have received prior approval from me


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