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Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business





Entrepreneurs will play the role of driving innovation. As such they will be responsible for developing new business models that can be adopted in future. Managers are crucial in ensuring success of an organization. Hiring the right manager guarantees success of the business (Davenport & Harding, 2010). In a consulting business, managers are integral in ensuring success. The key function of managers will be providing interpersonal roles in the company. These include building strong relationships with employees, motivating, liaison and being the figurehead in the organization. Managers must be good leaders for them to implement change in the organization. A good manager is thus an individual with excellent leadership skills, an individual who can be able to influence or lead people in the organization.

The managers will be in charge of communication in the organization. This involves a variety of activities such as receiving and dissemination of information. Managers must monitor all information in the organization and ensure that the information reaches the intended audience. In addition, a manager acts as the organization’s spokesperson which basically involves disseminating information to people outside the organization. Lastly, managers will be in charge of making key decisions that have a significant impact on the entire organization. Some of the areas where managers will be responsible in making decisions include: resource allocation, driving entrepreneurship, handling negotiations and any disturbances that may arise.

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