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    1.What are the most common reasons you would select a non-parametric test over the parametric alternative? 2.Discuss the issue of statistical power in non-parametric tests (as compared to their parametric counterparts). Which type tends to be more powerful? Why? 3.For each of the following parametric tests, identify the appropriate non-parametric counterpart: a. Dependent t test b. Independent samples t test c. Repeated measures ANOVA (one-variable) d. One-way ANOVA (independent) e. Pearson Correlation Length: 250 words or less for each question

    In this assignment, you will perform the non-parametric version of the tests you used previously. In each case, assume that you opted to use the non-parametric equivalent rather than the parametric test.

    Using the data files from earlier assignments, complete the following tests and paste your results into your document: 1.Activity 4a: non-parametric version of the dependent t test 2.Activity 4areformatted: non-parametric version of the independent t test 3.Activity 4C: non-parametric version of the single factor ANOVA

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