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Why do you think home schooling could turn out to be a popular alternative for education

Why do you think home schooling could turn out to be a popular alternative for education? Do you think this movement could eventually become a viable option to U.S. public schools or parochial schools? Would you consider home schooling your children? Why or why not?

Using your textbook and additional resources, write a 2-3 page paper addressing home schooling. Be certain to use all three major sociological theories – functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism – in your analysis.Please note that your grade will be based on the content of your work as well as on the spelling, grammar, and presentation. The paper should be double-spaced and in a regular font and size. The recommended fonts and sizes are Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier, size 12

Discuss the role of Government, multinational corporations and civil society in this industry

Question : Fiji is a developing country with a major textile manufacturing industry. Discuss the role of Government, multinational corporations and civil society in this industry. Discuss the various perspectives of this issue for small business, corporations, government, and civil society in establishing safe working conditions for employees. Using Steven Lukes power framework, examine how power is manifest in this industry and the kinds of power various players adopt. Ultimately, who is responsible for worker safety, and how can this be reconciled with civil and human rights?

This assignment is an analytical essay, not a report. The assignment should present an argument (make a point) in relation to the issue.
• You should use appropriate theories in your essay drawn from relevant peer reviewed journals.
• You should aim to convince the reader of your viewpoint by synthesis of pertinent information about the issue, with reference to the industry and government interactions, presenting facts, logical arguments, and issues gleaned from relevant sources.
• It is not possible to explore ALL aspects of the situation. Make a decision on what you will discuss, that is, what you consider are the important issues and justify your position with reference to facts and examples.
• Students should carefully evaluate the reliability of their information sources and students should analyse and evaluate information gleaned from various sources.
• The essay should be written in prose; no dot points tables etc.
• All sources of information must be consistently and comprehensively referenced
using standard Harvard or APA referencing systems.


These are not collaborative projects

Not sure how many pages. You will turn in one book journal based on Edwin Gaustad’s Benjamin Franklin  and another one on Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years A Slave. As you read keep a journal organized by chapters of your reactions and responses to the specific incidents and/or interpretations in each chapter. Begin the journal with the Preface or Introduction if applicable; end the journal with the conclusion or epilogue if applicable.  Do not simply tell me that you “enjoyed” it or that it was “interesting.” Indeed, avoid those terms.  The purpose of the journal is to assure that you comprehend the book, can grapple with the problems that it raises, and to encourage you to think analytically and critically about the author’s ideas and research.  Ask yourself, as you write in the journal, such questions: Do I agree with the author? Why or why not?  What thoughts or ideas does the author stimulate within me? What kinds of arguments does the author advance? Do I agree or disagree?  Why or why not?  Might one consider the book a cultural, social, political or military history?  How does this chapter enhance and/or alter my concept of a particular aspect of history? Does this event or development have any message for our times?


What do I think about this or that event or practice?  How does this book illustrate, clarify, or otherwise relate to specific topics that you encounter as you read the chapters in American Promise and thought about the ideas that various scholars advanced in video lessons from “Shaping America.”  These questions are for purposes of illustration; you are not confined to them (I suggest you take them seriously).  Be creative, descriptive, and use a lot of adjectives.  As mentioned above, think analytically and critically.  Your journals should contain: reactions, responses, questions, thoughts, ideas, illustrations, analysis, criticism, interpretation, and expressions of relevance.  You must react to a sufficient amount of each chapter so as to convince the instructor that you not only have read the book, but that you have thought about it.  A mere summary of the author’s main points is unacceptable; tell me what you think about the book and explain how it ties into the course.
A mere summary of the author’s main points is unacceptable; tell me what you think about the book and explain how it ties into the course.

Note: With Respect to Book Journals:

1.  These are not collaborative projects.  Each student’s work must be his or her own work.  I enforce the college’s code of academic dishonesty to the letter.

2.  You will type your name on the upper, right-hand corner.

3. The paper will be double-spaced.

4.  You will break the journal down into chapters, starting with the introduction and finishing with the epilogue.

5. Any kind of block style is unacceptable.  You will indent each paragraph FIVE spaces.  Failure to indent properly paragraphs will result in an automatic ten-point deduction in your grade.

6.  Save the File in Microsoft Word , and name the file by your last



State your understanding of the “Evil Genius” argument. Many philosophers have said that this is one of the most difficult arguments to refute in the history of philosophy. So, how would you attempt to refute it? Given the strength of the Evil Genius argument how do you think one can escape the skepticism it seems to entail? What do you think we can know with absolute certainty?

****Please dont use these exact works****According to Descartes, “Evil Genius” is a higher being causing people to be deceived about reality, particularly, the physical world (What we perceive through the five senses).
I only need 100 words

Can you edit my paper following the instruction my professor sent me below.

Can you edit my paper following the instruction my professor sent me below.


(Professor Note)

Your Proposal does not conform to the format, content and level of professionalism prescribed in The Student Guide to the MSA 699 Capstone Project, Part 1. This is the required text for the course and you can download a copy at You will also need to download Part 2 of the Guide in order to secure the forms and guidance you will need to complete the requirements for the Research Review Application process.

After reviewing and studying the Student Guide, you will need to revise your Proposal to meet the following requirements:
1. Title Page conforms to the example on page 17.
2. The proposal consists of the contents specified on page 8.
3. See pages 39 ff for format and required content for each chapter.
4. Review pages 1 through 7 for discussion of expectations for the Capstone Report.
5. A critical expectation is that the Capstone Report “should report conclusions and recommendations to management in a professional, coherent, logical and persuasive manner.”

6. I strongly recommend you send your revised proposal to the Writing Center before you send it to me for my technical review. The draft you sent contained too many grammatical and syntax errors.
There are a number of methodological issues you need to address:
1. You are the researcher not the Director. It is the Director who is concerned about employee turnover at NARA, not you. Approach the Proposal accordingly. You have a tendency to make factual type statements without citations and proper attribution.

You are the “researcher” so remain objective and impartial.
2. The research objectives do not mesh with the Problem Statement.
3. Your survey as written will not address nor answer the research objectives. Your methodology does not provide a clear exposition of what you will do to collect the necessary data, how you will analyze this data and the decision criteria you will need to see to be able to make recommendations.

4. Your literature review reads like an annotated bibliography. That is, nearly every paragraph reviews one piece of research or study, rather, paragraphs/sections need to be topical wherein you are discussing relevant topics in each paragraph/section and relying on several authors/studies to do so.
Since you are planning on conduct a survey, follow the following instructions sent to you in an email from the MSA Department back in January and also contained in the Student Guide Part 2:

Part I: A patienthas just left the office after having an outpatient surgery procedure. As you get

Part I: A patienthas just left the office after having an outpatient surgery procedure. As you get
ready to put away the patient’s file, you realize that the patient has forgotten to take his

prescriptions and after-care instruction sheets home with him. It is vital for proper healing and
recovery for the patient to have these documents. You know you will have to contact this
patient so you look inside for his contact information and signed HIPAA Release of Information

Questions: Part I

1. Under HIPAA, are you legally allowed to view this patient’s medical information? Why or why not?

2. In this case, how would you be able to correct your error and provide the missing documents to the patient while still protecting patient confidentiality under HIPAA?

3. Besides a HIPAA Patient Release of Information form, list 4 other items that are found in the medical record.
4. Legally, does the patient or the physician/healthcare facility own the medical record? Why?
5. List 3 ways patient confidentiality is maintained in the reception/waiting area of a medical office.


6. A breach of confidentiality can result in what consequences for a health care professional?
7. From the list of Interpersonal Ethics (found in Chapter 1 of the Fremgen text), please describe how any of those traits were demonstrated in your actions in this case scenario?
Part II: A few days later, you’re on the job and answering the phone while the physician you are

working for and your office manager are at lunch. The patient calls back to the office
complaining of immense pain. Since you hate to see patient in pain, you pull the patient’s
record and see that the physician has prescribed the patient pain medication in the past.

Seeing this, you go ahead and order the same prescription for the patient. Later that day, you
find out that the patient has suffered a cardi ac arrest due to a medication interaction…

Questions: Part II

1. Would the action taken in this second scenario be within your scope of practice for your chosen field? Why or why not?


2. What determines your scope of practice for your chosen career?


3. Would Respondeat Superior apply in this case scenario? Why or why not?


4. Would the Good Samaritan Law apply in this case scenario? Why or why not?


5. What role does the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) play in regards to prescription medication?


6. What role does the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) play in regards to prescription medication and a physician’s ability to prescribe narcotics?

Texas faces a demographic transition: a steadily greater proportion of the population is of Hispanic origin.

Texas faces a demographic transition: a steadily greater proportion of the population is of Hispanic origin. What means might be used by people currently in positions of power to make sure that no fundamental shift in the distribution of power take placea