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The most important character in this excellent comedy by Goldsmith is Marlow

The most important character in this excellent comedy by Goldsmith is Marlow. This is because he is the one and only character who is willing to make the decision to marry based on nothing except his emotions. When he “courts” Kate, whom he believes to be nothing more than a barmaid, he gradually comes to fall in love with her, and when pressed by her in Act V, declares that love, saying that he will marry her no matter what her connections and her lack of a dowry. Note what he says:
There is of course an irony in this speech, as Marlow sees Kate for the dignified well-brought up lady that she actually is, yet what distinguishes Marlow from everybody else is that he is not swayed by money or by connections. An important theme in this play is marriage and the way that Goldsmith satirises it to be the social contract that it was in his day rather than anything to do with emotions. Note how reluctant Constantine is to marry without her jewels. By contrast, Marlow is willing to marry a barmaid because of his emotions alone, which makes him the most important character simply because he is so honest. In a play that is all about hypocrisy and appearances vs. reality, honesty is a virtue indeed.

I have read it and yes it does quite pull you in and is interesting. I would say the books are far far far better than the movies.

I have read it and yes it does quite pull you in and is interesting. I would say the books are far far far better than the movies. The movies were not even half as good as the books. If you read the books you would understand why Stephanie Meyer’s made the Twilight Series so popular
I have. It is a wonderful mind captivating story.

The discussion of the Morningdale Scandal and the entire premise ofHailsham helps to bring out the basic idea of social indifference

The discussion of the Morningdale Scandal and the entire premise ofHailsham helps to bring out the basic idea of social indifference. The first is how mainstream society is quite effective at “silencing out” that which it finds undesirable. In contrast to the confrontation of a reality in which a group of people are condemned to be “completed” and to exist only for the sake of another group’s survival, the Morningdale Scandal seeks to demonstrate the ease with which individuals turn away from moral truths. This is reminiscent of Ishiguro’s analysis of the rise of the Nazis in England on the outset of World War II in
The Remains of the Day
. In that setting, English society easily turned away from understanding the pure terror in the rise of Hitler and followed appeasement as an easier path. In the Morningdale scandal, the belief in embracing a condition of society where schools likeHailsham are simply not funded and the condition of the donors are left to be a silent that is “back in the shadows” becomes part of what society demonstrates itself capable of embodying. The condition of living life “back in the shadows” has made life for the donors far worse in the present tense than it was for Kathy and Tommy. In this, there is a sadness that the life of being a “complete donor” is better than being one whose path is to become one. It is in this where the Morningdale Scandal speaks to Ishiguro’s belief of how social indifference and individual response defines much of the modern setting.

Mr Bennet hasa sharp wit and extremely sarcastic sense of humour.

Mr Bennet hasa sharp wit and extremely sarcastic sense of humour. He makes constant fun ofhis family’s marital aspirations.This is never more evident than in the very first chapter, which is mainly taken up by the dialogue between him and his wife concerning the arrivalin the neighbourhood of a rich young man, MrBingley, who Mrs Bennet considers would be a perfect match for one of their five daughters. Throughout the entire chapter Mr Bennet ridicules his wife’s hopes over this. Mrs Bennet howeveris a foolish and ignorant woman who remainswholly unaware that she is being mocked. This is a source of much comedy in the novel. Mr Bennet therefore pokes fun at the whole business of marriage which other people, particularly his own wife, take so seriously.

What does perfect person mean? Perfection means supreme excellence

What does perfect person mean? Perfection means supreme excellence. It means flawlessness and completeness. Depending on who you ask, it could mean many things. Maybe being a perfect person means being true to your ideals. Maybe it means being honest. Maybe it means being a good daughter, son, parent, grandparent or friend. Maybe it means helping someone less fortunate, or living up to your potential. Whatever you perceive the perfect person as being, remember that nobody is perfect. Perfection can be a goal over your life’s journey, but no one can honestly say they are perfect!

The Narrative Hook Of Anderson’s Work Is The Friendship Between

The narrative hook of Anderson’s work is the friendship between Lia and Cassie. Part of Anderson’s strength in detailing this is that she throws the reader in the middle of their friendship. This has the effect of challenging the reader to piece together their friendship and understand its development. The opening sentence in which both are sitting at a coffee shop and talking about the condition in which they are both immersed is one example of this narrative hook being able to challenge the reader and prolong their interest. Anderson’s narrative hook enables the reader to understand the importance of their friendship, but also grasp the level and challenge that faces both of them. It is this hook that sustains the narrative interest of the reader. In contrast to typical Young Adult Literature that might have a tendency to display friendship as triumphing over all and friendship between girls as being eternal and almost one dimensional, the opening conversation between both girls ends up demonstrating to the reader the challenges in Cassie and Lia’s friendship. It also goes very far in demonstrating how the reader has to continue to follow their narratives both separately and together in order to better understand each character as well as critically examine the reader’s own reaction if they were placed in a similar context. It is here where I believe that the greatest effect of the narrative hook to
can be felt.

Molar Volume (Vm) Is The Volume Occupied By One Mole Of The

Molar volume (Vm) is the volume occupied by one mole of the substance. For ideal gases, we can use the ideal gas equation and transform the equation to solve for the molar volume.
`PV = nRT` *divide both sides by P
`V = (nRT)/(P)` * divide both sides by n(moles)
`(V)/(n) = (RT)/(P) = Vm`(molar volume)
Pressure = 2.000 atm
Temperature = 20 + 273.15 = 293.15K
R (Gas constant) = 0.08206 atm-L / mol-K
`Vm = ((0.08206)(293.15))/(2.000)`
`Vm = 12.0279 (L)/(mol) = 12 (L)/(mol)` -> answer

The Thyroid Gland Is An Endocrine Gland That Secretes Hormon

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland that secretes hormones that regulate the metabolism. Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland. This is due to congenital reasons, age, treatment of an overactive thyroid with radiation, or even a respiratory illness that could damage the thyroid. Symptoms include–fatigue, depression, thinning hair, weight gain, brittle nails, heavy menstrual periods, among others. Treatment is hormone replacement to supply the body with thyroxine which will usually be for life. Levels must be checked to be sure that enough thyroid hormone is present. Myxedema coma is a life-threatening symptom that occurs in untreated hypothyroidism. Other complications can be infertility and heart disease.

A Poll Drafted In July 2012 Shows That The Death Penalty I

A poll drafted in July 2012 shows that the death penalty is again a contentious issue for Canadians and one that might be good to discuss in a letter to your MP. The death penalty was outlawed in Canada in 1975 and has had changing results in polls since then. The highest percentage supporting it was 79 percent in 1987. The lowest percentage was 49 percent in 2004. The upticked drafted in the 2012 poll was 65 percent in favor of the death penalty. The change seems to be precipitated by dramatic murders involving children. According to pollster and
senior vice-president John Wright, t
he questions Canadians seem to be asking are whether rehabilitation is always possible for all criminals and whether some criminals are inherently evil.