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You have kicked off the District 4 Production Warehouse Move project,

You have kicked off the District 4 Production Warehouse Move project, your contractors are in place and working on receiving the proper building permits.

You originally were told the permits would only take 2 weeks to obtain but the contractors are telling you it will now take 3 weeks. You need to build the additional week into your schedule for each permit that will be obtained.

In addition, your framing and drywall contractors have just told you they are running late on their other jobs and can only release half their crew for your project. This will double their schedule.

Build the extra time into your schedule by doubling the installation work timelines for both the framing and drywall. Your project plan should also be updated with the new 3-week timeline for obtaining permits. Use the project plan you created for this task.

You are now looking at an extended project delivery date. Your project sponsor was very clear that you must be done in a 4 month timeframe so you will need to look at options for reducing your schedule to fit into the 4 month window.

You have an option of hiring another contractor to help with the framing and drywall work but it will increase your budget by $200,000.

Determine your best course of action for bringing this project in on schedule and update your project plan to reflect your recommendation. Develop a 5-6 slide presentation for senior management outlining your proposed solution. You are seeking approval to proceed with your new plan.

Submit both your updated project plan in PDF format and your PowerPoint presentation.

During this activity you will access the Chair’s Address of the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).

Activity description: During this activity you will access the Chair’s Address of the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).  There are many ways to access the speech.  Please access the speech in the way(s) most useful to you and be sure to indicate in your post how you accessed the video at the top of your post.

Video with image, sound, and captions (thirty-nine minutes long):


transitions (e.g., how does he transition between ideas, and how do his transitions between ideas or main points relate to those we make in writing?)


unity and organization (e.g., how does he organize his speech, and how does his organization relate to how we organize our essays?)


determining indented audiences (e.g., who is his intended audience, and how does knowing our intended audiences shape how we write?)


authorial credibility (e.g., what are two or more specific examples of how Banks creates authorial credibility and trustworthiness during his speech, and how do we do the same when we write essays?)


tone (e.g., what is the tone of the speech and how does it enhance his ability to communicate with his audience? What does tone allow us to do in our own essays?)


genre (e.g., to what genre does the speech belong and how does genre influence our expectations about how we write?)


introductions and conclusions (e.g., how does he introduce and conclude the video, and how do introductions and conclusions function in our own essays?)

After you access Banks’ speech, write a two (or more) paragraph response of at least 400 words, in which you address all the composition considerations I have posed.  In other words, respond specifically and comprehensively to each of the questions for which I asked you to take notes, which will help you discuss how the speech offers analogies for the composition considerations I noted.  As you probably know, an analogy is often a comparison of two dissimilar things made to help folks understand an idea or concept.

You will conduct Internet research about poverty in the United States

You will conduct Internet research about poverty in the United States and create a photo essay that depicts the economic struggles that many Americans are facing today. Your photo essay should have an organized theme, linking two photos in some way in the essay.

Theme ideas include a certain area or region (urban or rural), lost jobs, a personal story, the recession, immigration, economic impact of globalization, low-paying jobs, slums, kids and poverty, hunger, elderly and poverty, single parents and poverty, health care and poverty, drugs, or other social issues that may be associated with poverty. You are not limited to these ideas; you may pick any theme that you think depicts the economic struggles of Americans.

You will submit the following in one document:

  1. Two photos that support one common social theme
  2. Each photo must come from a different webpage, article, or source. In other words, do not find an article or photo essay online and copy both photos from that one source. The photos may be your own photos, photos found online, or a combination of both.
  3. Provide a 100-word (minimum) description for each of the two photos that states what each of the photos represents.
  4. The descriptions should educate the reader about the social theme you are presenting.
  5. Provide a 150-word (minimum) summary of your photo theme and explain how social class as a social structure influences the opportunities or life chances for the individuals or individual in your photo essay.
  6. Conclude with a statement of what you learned from this photo essay assignment.

Please make sure to cite the source of each photo and any other source materials used in this assignment.



You are the business owner of a local cleaning service, and you have been thinking about implementing a knowledge management system for your cleaning technicians, especially for those who troubleshoot and solve cleaning problems, such as removing certain carpet and water stains, addressing mold, and selecting the proper tools and products to use for other types of cleaning issues. You are thinking about this because there are times when some of your cleaning technicians know how to properly clean carpets and others do not. Providing a central knowledge repository could help share cleaning knowledge among your cleaning technicians.


Compose a paper that addresses the elements listed below.


  • Explain the role of knowledge management systems.
  • Explain what is meant by expert systems.
  • Explain what is meant by content management systems.
  • Discuss how the business in the selected scenario could benefit from an expert system and a content management system and provide two examples for each type of system.
  • Discuss how the business in the selected scenario could benefit from business intelligence and provide two examples of these benefits.
  • Discuss how the business in the selected scenario can use social media to not only obtain information and knowledge but to share it as well and provide two examples of how the business might use social media information systems.

Your paper must be at least two pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and you must also use at least two scholarly sources,



You have been in your role as Human Resources Manager of Acme Manufacturing for six months now.


You have been in your role as Human Resources Manager of Acme Manufacturing for six months now. The employee hostilities that existed when you started your job have resolved and the shift workers are back on track, so much so that there has not been a single news article written about the company since your arrival. Leadership of the company has noticed this, too, and the CEO has called you to her office for a meeting.

The CEO explained that the company does not have a compensation structure for the non-represented management employees and needs to have the full gamut of HR activities performed to get this developed and approved by the board during its upcoming meeting in two months. She handed you a report from an external consultant to the Board’s Compensation Committee outlining the elements needed:

  • Develop, analyze, and explain requirements that could be used in the personnel selection process for management positions in the company
  • Determine and explain the specific methods by which job analysis, job design, position description, and specification for management positions are prepared; and
  • Explain and evaluate the relative worth of management jobs at the company and determine a compensation structure to assist retention and career management of this important element of the company’s human resources.

Prepare a 5-7 page report for the CEO that responds to the three requirements listed above. The report will be used with the Board of Directors so it must be formatted professionally and cite any references used in proper APA format.



Page 1 of 4 Assignment 1 WEB DESIGN PITCH AND PROPOSAL Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date ASSIGNMENT 1 100.00 20.00 29 August 2018 This assignment must be your own work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but solutions to assignment questions must be done on your own. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and fellow students, nor allow others to copy your work. All Assignments will be checked using collusion monitoring tools to ensure that each assignment is the original work of the submitting student. Assignments that do not adhere to this requirement will be deemed as being the result of collusion or plagiarism. This may lead to severe academic penalties as outlined in USQ Policy Library: Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure. It is your own responsibility to ensure the integrity of your work. Refer to the USQ Policy Library for more details: • Academic Integrity Policy • Academic Integrity Procedure In completing this assignment, you are expected to use available resources such as the practical activities in the study modules, the Course Study Desk – especially the Discussion Forums (click the Study Desk link on UConnect – ), as well as exploring and experimenting on your own. Learning objectives and graduate skills tested This assignment relates to your understanding of domain knowledge about a range of issues relating to electronic commerce, your ability to analyse and advise stakeholders about technical requirements for specific business contexts, and to demonstrate your capacity to communicate clearly with stakeholders a range of options that should be considered by a business in an online environment. Page 2 of 4 Assignment Requirements 1. Your web design consultancy company has been invited to tender for the design of a web site for a newly formed business/organization. 2. As part of the tender process you are required to present a proposal to the management team of the company. 3. If your proposal is eventually accepted, you will be asked to develop a prototype of your design in WordPress in Assignment 2. 4. The client’s business category/model will be supplied to you via email in the first week of the semester. 5. Your design proposal MUST address the specific and unique needs of the business category/model you have been assigned. You are also required to ensure that both your Assignments 1 and 2 meet the criteria to be classed within, and is directly related to, the business category assigned to you. Failure to do so will result in your assignments being rejected and no marks will be allocated to them. 6. You have been asked to do some preliminary research into the needs of the company and then demonstrate your capabilities and what you and your company can offer. 7. Your company has been told from the outset that the website must incorporate a highend and responsive web design that provides a great user experience while creating an atmosphere of trust and professionalism. 8. You sent the management of the business a questionnaire and interviewed them for more information about the project and their requirements. 9. You analysed the information they provided and promised to send them a proposal in the next few days. 10. Prepare a professional web design and development proposal in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (25-30 slides) that will inform and impress the client. 11. Include speaker’s notes for each slide, as well as images, graphics, tables, animations, etc. where appropriate. 12. Do not include citations in your slides. Place all your sources of reference on your final slide. Page 3 of 4 Presentation Guidelines Your PowerPoint presentation slides should include (but are not confined to): • Title • Table of contents • Preliminary research findings o Demonstrate that you know the client and you understand what they want. This is the first step in appealing to the client’s individual needs. • Your capabilities o Present your capabilities by referring back to the client’s needs and state your relevant experience. o Provide previous examples/references • Major components o Web Design  Overall design strategy  Site name registration  Site design, features and functionalities  Content Management System  Custom Programming  Major web technologies  etc. o Web promotion, SEO and analytics o Website maintenance • Costs and deliverables o Provide cost and deliverable information based on the information you have. o Propose a detailed timeline for the work. • Contact information • Q&A • Conclusion • References Page 4 of 4 Submission Guidelines Attach the PowerPoint file using the naming convention below, to your online assignment submission in the Assignment 1 area on the CIS5101 StudyDesk before midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on the day the assignment is due. [lastname] / [initial] _ [student number] _ [course code] _ assign1.pptx eg. zhoux_0090011005_cis5101_assign1.pptx Upon completion of the submission process, check your uConnect email account for an automatically generated confirmation email (if you do not have an email account, print out the Submission Complete screen before exiting the Submission System). You must check that the file name and file size are listed correctly – if there is a problem with either, please email the course leader immediately. Please note that: • The following is the USQ Assessment – Assignment (Late Submission) and Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances procedure that relate to Extensions and Late Assignments. They can be found under the following links:  Assessment – Assignment (Late Submission) Procedure:  Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedures: • Students seeking extensions for any Assignment work must provide appropriate documentation to support their request before the due date of the assignment (see points 4.3 and 4.4 in the Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedures above to see what is considered as Compassionate and Compelling reason for an extension and the level of documentation that will be needed). • An Assignment submitted after the due date without an approved extension of time will be penalised. The penalty for late submission is a reduction by five percent (5%) of the maximum Mark applicable for the Assignment, for each University Business Day or part Business Day that the Assignment is late. An Assignment submitted more than ten (10) University Business Days after the due date will have a Mark of zero recorded for that Assignment.  The StudyDesk Assignments submission tool will accept late assignments up until 23:55pm on the 10th University Business Day after the due date.

2018 BEA380 -Current stock price S is $22. Time to maturity T is six months.

2018 BEA380 Assignment 1 [100 marks; 10 percent weighting] Due Week 8: 12.00pm Thursday, 13 September, 2018 Question 1 [20 marks] Current stock price S is $22. Time to maturity T is six months. Continuously compounded, risk-free interest rate r is 5 percent per annum. European options prices are given in the following table: Strike Price Call Price Put Price K1=$17.50 $5.00 $0.05 K2=$20.00 $3.00 $0.75 K3=$22.50 $1.75 $1.75 K4=$25.00 $0.75 $3.50 (a) What is the aim of a long (or bottom) straddle strategy? Create a long straddle by buying a call and put with strike price K3=$22.50 [10 marks] (b) What is the aim of a short (or top) strangle strategy? Create a short strangle by writing a call with strike price K3=$22.50 and a put with strike price K2=$20. [10 marks] Question 2 [10 marks] (a) Why is the binomial model a useful technique for approximating options prices from the Black–Scholes model? [5 marks] (b) Describe some applications and uses of this model. [5 marks] Question 3 [20 marks] Consider the binomial model for an American call and put on a stock whose price is $60. The exercise price for both the put and the call is $45. The standard deviation of the stock returns is 30 percent per annum, and the risk-free rate is 5 percent per annum. The options expire in 90 days. The stock will pay a dividend equal to 3 percent of its value in 50 days. (a) Draw the three-period stock tree and the corresponding trees for the call and the put. [7.5 marks] (b) Compute the price of these options using the three-period trees. [7.5 marks] (c) Explain when, if ever, each option should be exercised. [5 marks] Question 4 [30 marks] Consider a stock with a price of $120 and a standard deviation of 20 percent. The stock will pay a dividend of $5 in 40 days and a second dividend of $5 and 130 days. The current risk-free rate is 5 percent per annum. An American call on this stock has an exercise price of $150 and expires in 100 days. Price the American call option using the Black-Scholes Model. Show all calculations. Question 5 [20 marks] ABC is currently trading at $78 per share. Your previous calculation of the historical volatility for ABC indicated an annual standard deviation of return of 27 percent, but examining the implied volatility of several ABC options reveals an increase in annual volatility to 32 percent. There are two traded options series that expire in 245 days as show in the following table: X = 75 X = 80 Call Put Call Put DELTA 0.6674 -0.3326 0.574 -0.426 GAMMA 0.0176 0.0176 0.019 0.019 The options have $75 and $80 strike prices respectively. The current 245-day risk-free interest rate is 4.75 percent per annum, and you hold 2,000 shares of ABC. Construct a portfolio that is DELTA – and GAMMA- neutral using the call options written on ABC. Show all calculations.

Reflect on the school issues you had when you were a student and the experiences you might have had with the school counselor

For this Discussion, review this week’s resources. Reflect on the school issues you had when you were a student and the experiences you might have had with the school counselor. Reflect on your past experiences with an individual or a particular event that influenced you to pursue a career as a school counselor. Then, consider the professional attributes you expect to gain once you become a school counselor. Finally, think about the impact you would like to have on your students.
A brief description of the reason(s) that motivated you to become a school counselor. Identify the age group you plan to work with when you become a school counselor. Explain the impact you hope to have as a school counselor on students’ academic, career, or personal/social development.

This assignment covers the in-depth theoretical concepts with some practical accounting task application based on the topics from the subject.

Assessment 1

Assessment Type: Written Report – individual assessment

Purpose: This assessment is designed to reinforce the subject content and develop students’ skills and application of knowledge of the subject content to business situations. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, b and c.

Topic: This assignment covers the in-depth theoretical concepts with some practical accounting task application based on the topics from the subject.

Task Details: This assignment requires a consideration of accounting theory concepts with critical analysis with application to General Purpose Financial Reporting by corporations. Students are required to prepare a comprehensive report directed to QUBE Holdings Limited detailing a critical analysis of the effectiveness of the corporation to meet the obligations of the conceptual framework of accounting.

The Summary Report: should include data extracted from the General Purpose Financial Report relevant to the material analysed.

Marking Guide:

Analysis                                                                30%

Theory support                                                 30%

Recommendations/conclusions                 30%

Presentation                                                      10%

Total mark will be scaled to a mark out of 15


BeGood Baking Supply is a small bakery supply company formed as a closely held corporation.

Scenario Information

BeGood Baking Supply is a small bakery supply company formed as a closely held corporation. The company supplies raw baking materials, paper goods, and equipment to restaurants and bakeries in 3 states in the upper mid-west. Most of its business however, is located in a large metropolitan area. BeGood wants to increase its presence in the region and serve 5 states. In fact, the owners of BeGood would like 75% of their business to come from throughout the region rather than the current metropolitan area. In order to do this the owners understand they must diversify offerings and lines of business.

Currently, BeGood has a phone center where customer orders are taken; these orders are then sent to shipping where the order is filled in its large warehouse and shipped within 4 days. Be Good outsources its shipping to a local trucking company. Once the order ships, all paperwork goes to the accounting department where it is entered into the accounting system. BeGood still uses the same accounting system it has used since the inception of the company. All aging of receivables and other analysis is done using Excel spreadsheets. Purchasing and tracking of inventory are done solely by the warehouse manager. Invoices for inventory purchasing are sent to the accounting department when goods are received.

The owners at Be Good are wondering how they can utilize an online presence and further automate its systems in order to facilitate its growth and diversify its business. The owners may also like to expand into the retail business.

You have been hired as a full-time staff accountant at BeGood Baking Supply and have been given the task of evaluating and recommending a viable accounting information system for the accounting and financial data of BeGood in order to facilitate expansion and diversification. As you begin your research, you realize that many departments are involved in the information system, and communication is key.


You are now ready to address the specifics of the new AIS at BeGood. As part of your research, document the following, which would become part of your final presentation to management, if you were carrying the project through to the end. Your documentation can be in the form of tables, SmartArt, PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. Use what best works for the documentation you are creating:

  1. Identify the tables that you would need to create a working database for the company’s receivables, payables, and inventory.
  2. Create relationships for your various tables and databases. For instance, how does the A/P database interface with the Inventory Database?
  3. Document your work providing a databases diagram (schema).
  4. Documenting an organization’s AIS would become part of a larger scale user manual for the accounting and information technology teams to use for reference and to assist the audit team with understanding how the organization’s systems work together. Write the appropriate policies and procedures that arise from the tasks above that would be included in this type of user manual. Your information should also address the security of the systems involved.


In clinical settings, some of the most common questions that patients ask are Why do I have this

In clinical settings, some of the most common questions that patients ask are Why do I have this? What caused this disorder? Will it ever go away? These emotional questions can be difficult to ask and to answer. However, for patients to come to terms with their diagnoses and adhere to treatment plans, they must have an understanding of factors that might have caused, or continue to impact, their disorders. As an advanced practice nurse, it is important that you are able to explain disorders, associated alterations and symptoms, and changes that might occur within your patients’ bodies.

To Prepare

  • Review this week’s media presentation with Dr. Terry Buttaro. Reflect on the importance of developing an in-depth understanding of pathophysiology.
  • Select a disorder from the following list:
    • Adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease)
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Cholelithiasis (gallstones)
    • Colon cancer
    • Cystic fibrosis
    • Hemophilia
    • Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
    • Osteoporosis
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Tuberculosis
  • Select one of the following patient factors: genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, or behavior. Reflect on how that factor might impact your selected disorder, as well as potential associated alterations and symptoms.
  • Identify the pathophysiology of the associated alterations, including the normal and altered cellular function. Consider both intra- and extra-cellular changes that occur.

Post a brief description of a patient scenario involving the disorder and the factor you selected. Explain how the factor might impact your selected disorder, as well as potential associated alterations and symptoms. Finally, explain the pathophysiology of the associated alterations, including changes in cellular function.

Please do colon cancer