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Why do people play Golf?

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why people love golf?
Golf ball

There are people who feel that golf game is a boring game that is only played by the rich and lazy people. Many of those people do not understand the health and social benefits of playing the game. Just like Tiger Woods, I was introduced to the game by my dad when I was young and this made us build a solid bind during the time. I have reintroduced the game to my sons and now my grandsons. Also, I have continued the tradition to people I have taught the game and now they’re world champions.

Golf is a very interesting sport and once you learn it, there will be a growing desire for you to carry a golf bag, repeat the shot, round, hole, nine, and so forth. The best thing about the game is that you can play the game regardless of age, size, class, and athletic capacity. There are other reasons why people play the game such as:

Reasons people love Golf

  • The game doesn’t require a massive quantity of physical activities when you compare it with Rugby or American football. The less activity required makes it an easy game to play the game without getting hurt. Thus, people who are overweight can comfortably play the game well.
  • It can be played by individuals of all ages. For example, a kid as young as two years like Tiger Woods was introduced and as old as over 100 years. Once you learn the techniques of the game, you can comfortably play it for the rest of your life. It is possible that you can play golf with people who are not your age such as father and son.
  • The best thing about golf is that individuals with a diverse level of skills can comfortably play it. Thus, even if you’re worse or better than your friend, you can comfortably play the game as you will be playing your ball independently.
  • There is no point that you will be perfect on the game that you won’t require some training. There are chances to shoot a lower score or play some harder courses.
  • The game is exciting as every time you hit the ball, it can lead to a diverse situation even if you play the same hole or course repeatedly. This makes the game interesting due to the various exciting scenarios and different events.
  • Also, it is a good exercise to walk the course while carrying your best golf bag. The course offers you a lot of fresh air that fills the lungs through exercising in the outdoors. The golf game is also good for the heart. It is also fun to drive the cart especially if you’re still a young man who wants to have some good time driving.
  • It helps to meet different people and business associates. Golf courses offer the best opportunity to make business deals and plan on various business strategies. It offers you an opportunity that may be at different career levels or companies.
  • Golf provides quality time with family where you can practice the game with your wife or son and just have some good time.
  • The various rules of the game build character and assist people to follow various ethical ways that are beneficial to them.
  • The exercise and social interaction in the course will help to relieve interaction in the golf course. It is also very satisfying when you hit the ball the right way and make progress in the game.

Final Thought

There are numerous benefits of playing golf bags and that’s why you will find people moving to the golf course every now and then. It can be played for enjoyment, relaxation, or professionally. Thus, if you want to have the health and social benefits, you should start learning the golf game.



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