How to use a remote e collar to train a dog

How to use a remote e collar to train a dog
How to use a remote e collar to train a dog

Dogs are very cunning and funny animals. You cannot correct the dog behavior without a strategy. Remote e collars come into aid.They help pet owners to correct, discipline and offer dog rewards.

In this article, we will go into deep details on how to use an e collar to train a dog.E-collars are effective tools for training a gun dog. There are several ways in which you can use e collar to impact positive dog behaviors. For example:-

  • Can be used when the dog refuses to come when called. (Note: Use only when the dog knows the command).
  • Chasing other animals in the yard.
  • Control the dog barking.
  • Hunting training.
  • Reinforcing commands.

Steve, a dog expert, argues that e-collars are not a teaching tool, but a reinforcing tool. They work very fast in distracting dog thinking and makes them focus all the attention on your command.

Some people think a shock collar is a cruel tool, but they cannot injure a dog.

How to use e collar correctly.

E-collars are purposely made to serve two purposes:

  • Reinforcing commands already learned, eg obedience command.
  • You can use e-collar to correct bad behaviors such as digging, jumping or barking on family members. The dog will associate the unpleasant shock with the bad behavior.

Tips on how to use e collar to train the dog

  1. Reinforce dog commands with an e collar. Don’t use e collar when teaching the dog new commands. What do simply mean? Always use an e collar for command reinforcement.
  2. Don’t use an e collar on the first day of buying it. Slowly introduce the collar to the dog. Let him wear the collar without using it on the first few days like 10 or 7 days.
  3. Many pet owners forget that dogs can become collar-wise. What do I mean? Collar-wise means that dog will only obey your commands when he is wearing the collar and the moment it’s removed, the dog cannot listen to you again. Therefore, put the collar on the dog 30 minutes before starting dog training.
  4. In case the dog has other metallic collars on its neck, remove them before starting the training.
  5. Ensure the collar is working properly before starting the training or putting it on the dog.
  6. Start shock collar training using low-level stimulation. In case your dog does not respond, increase the levels.
  7. Effective dog training does not depend on the duration. Don’t think that the longer time you spend training the dog the better he learns. Dogs learn through repetition. Let the training sessions be short and brief. Train the dog for 10 and let him have some rest on his bed. Repeat the same training after resting for a period of 30 minutes.
  8. If the dog loses interest in training, end the training session with a positive notation. You can also use the break to play with the dog. Rewarding the dog after the training will make him more willing to start another training next time.
  9. Once you have begun using the e-collar during training, never start training without the e collar.


Remote e collars are perfect dog training tools if used properly. They are there to reinforce dog commands learned and not to punish them.

Depending on how you will use them, they can negatively or positively have an impact on your dog behavior.


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