Electric Scooter Safety

Electric Scooter Safety

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Have you ever explored your city on an electric scooter?

If no, then you’re missing on some enjoyment. If yes, then you got a story to tell. Nonetheless, this article is not meant to discuss what you’re missing by not riding a scooter or the kind of excitement that comes with riding one. This article is meant to ensure that you’re safe on the road by following the essential tips.

You must respect the ride and avoid accidents. Here are 5 Tips on riding your Adult Electric Scooter.

5 Essential Must-Follow Tips when riding an Electric Scooter

  • Wear Helmet

The first rule is that you must wear a helmet and other safety gears to protect your knee and elbow. The helmet is a proactive way of ensuring that even if you fail, you’ll probably protect your delicate head. Most helmets are comfortable and stylish to wear and easy to carry with you. If you don’t have a special helmet for riding your electric scooter, you can use a bike helmet.

  • Follow Traffic Laws

When you’re riding your electric scooter you must be ready to obey traffic always as other pedestrian and motorist in the road. The most common traffic rules include observing traffic lights and stopping at stop signals, and abiding to speed limits.

  • Don’t Ride with your Earphones

There is no doubt that music is the medicine of the mind. There is that playlist that you feel ecstatic when you listened to it. Nonetheless, when you’re riding down the street, it is better to suspend the music and focus on the surroundings. Imagine a motorist is hooting at you and you have your music, there is a chance that you won’t hear it.

For the sake of ensuring safety to everyone, leave your headphones disconnected and ensure that your ears are tuned into more essential sounds such as pedestrians, cars, and other riders. I have seen kids riding their electric scooters with earphones; you need to advice your kids to stop that.

  • Ride Slowly

Ride at moderate speed especially when you’re going downhill. Whether you’re in a new part of the city that you’ve discovered or you’re almost getting to your destination, you can lose track of the speed at which you’re travelling, maintain slow speed to avoid ramming on something.

Always keep in mind that electric scooters can pick up speed swiftly than you can imagine particularly when assisted by the pull of gravity. If you’re going downhill, you need to learn how to use your brakes effectively to avoid falling.

  • Use Bike Lanes

There are cities that bike lane are permitted. If you’re living in such a city, use the bike lane! The bike lanes are usually installed in cities and towns for riders who select to use bike, skateboards, or electric scooters to travel.

Final Thought

Safety is important while you’re on road. It keeps you safe from injuries and even death. Observing traffic rules and ensuring that you observe all the necessary safety measures such as wearing helmets to keep you protected. Hope this article has helped you to know some of the electric scooter safety tips.


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